Should you use a mortgage adviser or just try to find the best mortgage by yourself? Many buyers find themselves asking this question.

Here we explore seven key ways that the right mortgage adviser can help you with the process of finding the best possible mortgage for your circumstances.

 1. Free consultation and advice

A good mortgage adviser will take time with you – either in person or over the phone – to assess your situation. During the initial, free consultation they will draw upon their comprehensive knowledge of the market to make recommendations based on your deposit amount, income and pay structure, future plans, family situation and other factors. You'll also have the chance to ask your adviser any questions you might have about the mortgage process.


2. Access the widest range of product options

While some advisers only work with a small number of lenders, other advisers will be able to select the ideal mortgage for you from the thousands currently on offer in the UK. Instead of relying on a bank, who will offer you one of their own products, be sure to work with a mortgage adviser that can look across the entire market and find the perfect fit for you.

3. Access exclusive rates and criteria options

Many mortgage providers offer exclusive rates and criteria options to advisers who have built a good relationship with them. By using the right adviser, you can access these exclusive options that are not available on the high street or online.

4. Unbiased recommendations

As your mortgage adviser is working for you, they are best-placed to offer you completely unbiased advice. Choosing a mortgage is the biggest financial decision many of us will make, so getting expert, impartial advice is extremely important.

6. Help with the application process

Once your adviser has assessed your situation and agreed with you on the ideal mortgage for you, they should then assist you with the application process. They will make sure you have filled in forms correctly and included all the necessary documents and information so that your mortgage application goes through smoothly, the first time.

7. Liaise with all parties through to completion

Once your mortgage application has been successful, you'll receive a mortgage offer from your lender. However, a good adviser will then continue to liaise with all parties involved, right through until contracts are exchanged and you complete on your purchase. This is crucial, as changes may need to be made to your mortgage – for example if you need to renegotiate the price of the property and adjust your mortgage accordingly.

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