A common misconception is that November and December are a bad time to think about selling your property.

In reality, if you are thinking of selling at the start of the New Year, these can be two of the most important months where a little bit of planning will give you an amazing start to 2022.

Each November/December we put together our ‘Do Not Disturb’ campaign which can be taken advantage of whether you are coming new to the market as a seller or as a seller who has struggled to secure a sale with their existing agent and is looking for a change.

What does this mean and how can you use it to your advantage?

Don’t wait until January. – Let us prepare your property details now!
Take advantage of these two months to arrange an agreeable time/date for your photos/floorplans etc to be put together ahead of decorations going up and family coming round. This means we have everything prepared on our system and ready for ‘going live’ whenever you are ready.

We launch you property on Boxing Day
This might sound like a strange choice however, between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day there is that week where many people are off work, with their families and they start their search for a new home. Indeed, internet portals like RightMove and Zoopla frequently indicate that this period is one of their busiest for internet traffic for the whole year. If your property is not on the market in this window you are arguably missing a really ‘hot’ window.

Enjoy the festive period!
You do not need to do anything other than enjoy the end of December with family or going away. We will be busy collating any leads for your property together leaving you undisturbed.

You are in pole position at the start of January
With these leads we will then already have a cluster of viewings for you booked in and ready to take place in the first week of January. Meanwhile, as other competitor properties are starting to get valuations, you will be in the position of negotiating offers! So as more properties come on the market you are already a step ahead with a buyer behind you and the ability to offer on any properties you are interested in.

This approach has repeatedly delivered great results for our sellers over the last few years.

If you are looking to buy then use the above information to your advantage by registering with us as a buyer now so as soon as the new properties hit the market, you will get an email about them.

So if you are thinking of moving home in 2022 or are struggling with your existing selling approach, please give us a call now so we can explain in more detail how we will help you move in 2022.
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