First Floor Flat, Manns Road (Lettings)

This property was actually on the market for sale with us and a couple saw it, fell in love with it but could not raise the mortgage to buy it. They asked if the vendor would be interested in letting at which point our Lettings Manager entered the story. He spoke to the vendor and they were interested in this option as they had already bought a property so were under a bit of pressure.

There was then a lot of back and forth and negotiation because the landlord said there was also a neighbour interested in renting the flat. However, with the persistence of our Lettings Manager, we had to fight tooth and nail to get the landlord to go with our applicants.

There was a further stumbling block when we did references because the applicants were self-employed but their accountants did not show enough to afford to rent the property. We then negotiated with the applicants and agreed between them and the landlord, that a years’ worth of rent would be paid upfront.

The landlord was very happy as a years’ worth of rent meant stress-free renting plus allowed them to move to their property, the tenants were very happy as they get to live in the property they fell in love with and while they live there they plan to save with the hope that one day they can buy it.