Whether you are looking to either sell or rent your property is it crucial you reach the right people at the right time. We have found if both marketing and price is correct – you will have no issues in selling your home in a short space of time.

For what is of course an extremely exciting although stressful time, when your agent is due to come around to do the ‘Take-On’, do your best to relax and try not to look at your property as your much loved family home but almost like a blank canvas and see what the potential buyer would see.

Set the Stage:
Potential purchasers like to easily envision themselves living there so it always helps having a big tidy up and clearing everything away prior to marketing pictures/videos being taken and any viewings.

People coming through like to see how you have arranged your belongings such as furniture as it adds character making your home more memorable following the appointment. A thing to remember is a new show home will always be fully furnished for these reasons.

By adding an accurate floorplan with correct measurements allows potential buyers to properly research your home prior to viewing. By helping agents qualify and describe the property in more detail when booking, you will find a better and more serious calibre of viewings turning up. These will be people who have all information to hand about your property with accurate measurements, and they have turned up to work out their personal preferences space and décor before considering an offer.

Professional promo videos are becoming increasingly more and more popular with estate agents. Gone are the days of placing a property on property portal sites and awaiting a surge of enquiries. By taking promotional videos which can then be broadcasted out to targeted audiences across social media platforms, it is proving to be a much more realistic and attractive way of showcasing your property. They help capture people’s interest whilst their scrolling through looking at property after property – a professionally edited video will add a spark of something new and professional into the mix.

Social Media:
Social media marketing is proving more and more efficient when coming to attracting the right person for their dream home! By using targeted advertising containing professional pictures and videos, your home will be pushed out to the most relevant people at that moment of time. By proactively reaching people through various sources boosts your visibility through the roof to a very targeted audience which in turn improves the quality of enquiries coming through.

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