If your home is currently on the market and you are struggling to find potential purchasers, it maybe worth having a look at your options and having a discussion with your agent. There is nothing more infuriating than having offers rejected on your dream home due to the fact of not being under offer yourself.

A property may struggle to sell predominately for one of 3 reasons, they are:
•    Price
•    Marketing
•    Agent

It is very easy to overvalue your home, it is most likely your pride and joy which you have spent years saving for and months to choose. The best way to differentiate if price problem may be is to look for comparable properties in the local area to yourself. If you own a 3 bedroom semi detached house, look for similar properties in the local area based on size, spec and location – If they are coming out considerably cheaper than yours, you may have found the problem!

If you have checked your price, and the comparable properties all add up, then it is worth looking at how your property is marketed and showing to prospective purchasers online. Are your rooms in the pictures neat, tidy and presented well? Is the write up description both catchy and portrays your home in the best light? Is it appearing under the correct brackets (price, location)?
If all of the above is looking good – speak with your agent, what other marketing techniques or platforms could you advertise on? It maybe worth generating a video tour of the property and looking for unique marketing strategies such as advertising through social media platforms and targeting your reach.

Unfortunately, if all of the above has been checked off – it may be worth looking for a new agent to come on board to mix things up. A new agent will have their own lists of leads and prospective buyers. Also, each agent has different ways of working and operating, one agent may rely on incoming leads as opposed to a larger database, another agent may not qualify incoming leads meaning the quality of viewings is less and people maybe have been forgotten or not reached in time.

If you have any questions about any of the above then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 01582 485531.

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