Finchley, North London (Block Management)

Finchley, North London (Block Management)

When one of our Block Managers joined the Benjamin Stevens team in 2020 she was given this block in Finchley, North London, as part of her portfolio. She quickly discovered that they were being really overcharged by the energy provider for their electricity bills. She contacted the provider to give them the proper meter readings so they could either credit the block back and/or to start charging the block the correct amount each time.

She obtained metre readings from the cleaners and also went to the block to take the meter readings as part of an onsite inspection. These were then passed onto the energy provider and after a long hard battle with them, including months of trying to call, email and not getting anywhere, she finally managed to get through to someone and they took the time to listen and granted a refund of £1,431.80!

Whilst looking into the issue with the energy provider, she, along with our accounts team, noticed that the block was being charged by a second energy provider for electricity.

She contacted the second provider and they advised that the account for the block was not with them and so even they were confused as to why a Direct Debit was being taken out of the account for the block.

After some investigation with the second energy provide it was discovered that they had mistakenly been given the bank details for the block. The second energy provider were very helpful and again this resulted in another refund £860.49.

The director of the block was over the moon when informed.

We were so pleased to solve the issue and the refunds were an added bonus. This demonstrating how scrutiny of block accounts can lead to massive savings.

Here is some feedback from the Director:

"That's wonderful news, your hard work has finally paid off, Thanks a lot. That money will help us and we will have some money in our kitty for future expenses. Very happy with you for looking after our Block and Thank You."