Why Edgware Is The Place To Be!

Edgware in North West London, situated oh so conveniently at the end of the Northern line, is a forever changing area, but one thing that remains constant year on year, is that more and more people are looking to move into the area.

For almost 20 years, we at Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents have been helping our clients buy, sell, rent, lease and invest in a huge spectrum of different types of properties and so in this article we answer the question as to why? Why is Edgware so popular? Particularly when recent government figures show that 46% of London home owners want to move away from the capital!

We consider ourselves to be North West London area specialists and the answer to this question is quite simple…..

Edgware is a thriving multicultural area, home to Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu communities and it’s attracting even more different ethnic groups as time goes on. This can be attributed to it’s fantastic transport links, outstanding schools, affordable property prices, no matter what your budget, plus a real sense of community.

Being in Zone 5 you still connect to central London and surrounding areas with only a 29 minute journey into Zone1, so you get the London feeling without having to fork out the inner London prices.

Another bonus of being at the end of the Northern line is you can guarantee you will never miss your stop and you will always have a seat on your way in! You will also have access to the Jubilee line from Canons Park and Queensbury getting you into London Bridge in just over 30 minutes.

In Edgware you have easy access to many essential supermarkets such as Lidl, Iceland, Tesco, Sainsburys or even Morrisons if you are that bit further away in Colindale. There is also an array of independently run food stores (especially kosher) and shops in the heart of Edgware, many of whom have been running their businesses in the area for decades.

The area is a haven for foodies with restaurants and cafes offering a vast range of different cuisines with everything from Caribbean, Indian, and Turkish to Sushi and Thai. A few local favourites are B&K Salt Beef Bar, The Regency Club, and Izgara.

When it comes to education in Edgware there are various primary and secondary schools that fall in the surrounding Barnet catchment area. As of 2019, from data provided by the gov.uk website, there are 16 primary schools within the catchment area with outstanding Ofsted reports including The Annunciation Catholic Infant School, Barnfield Primary School and Goldbeaters Primary School, all based in Edgware.  Of the 53 secondary schools in the area, 15 of them have also received outstanding reports. Edgware schools, London Academy and Menorah Foundation have both received ‘Good’ reports. There are also a huge selection of faith schools and independent private schools.

Like any area crime does exist in the Barnet Borough, but as Edgware is far more suburban than other surrounding areas, it actually boasts some of the lowest crime rates in London compared to the rest of the metropolitan police force area.

And finally, Edgware is one of the most affordable areas in Barnet with the average house price of £609,251! It’s a no brainer!

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