At Benjamin Stevens we are always striving to find good solid purchasers for all our vendors. We use processes before, during and after a viewing to make ensure a buyer is seriously interested in your particular property.

We begin, prior and actual viewing, by asking a potential purchaser a series of questions which provides agents and vendors with the qualification needed to find out what kind of purchaser has requested to view your home.

We are then able to fully communicate to our vendors prior to viewing:

•    Where are they looking
•    Their situation (They have a property to sell, first time buyer, currently in rented or nothing to sell)
•    Reason for move
•    Deadlines
•    Budgets
•    How many they have viewed and what they have offered on, if any
•    Cash/Mortgage – AIP arranged?
•    Solicitors already instructed?

Once you have this information, together we can make an educated decision whether this particular viewing is actually serious about purchasing your property.

Often the more information a potential buyer gives, the more serious they are.

We have now established that this purchaser is serious about buying your home, so it is important to present your property in a way that would attract you. People like to see how furniture will fit and what everyday life will look like for them however, unnecessary mess including washing left out, dishes in the sink or general clutter is likely to cast a shadow on a perspective buyer.

During the viewing, we have all of the figures for your home, this includes square footage, £ per square foot, average rental valuations and yields (more so for by to let investors) and local comparable properties to prove to the purchaser why they are getting a great deal and couldn’t afford to miss out on an opportunity like this!
After a thorough walk around the house and any questions answered, we will be able to provide accurate initial feedback from what they have picked up on during the viewing. Whether it is unfortunately a no go because of whatever reason or a potential offer coming forward in the next day or so – feedback is always appreciated by vendors.

The next day – we will contact the potential purchaser. We find that a lot of people aren’t ready to offer on the same day if it is going to be their family home, they will understandably have a lot to discuss when they arrive home later on that day.

With overall feedback in and now submitted back to the vendor, there is a clear picture of where the prospective purchaser is at with the property, and any confirmed offers are discussed in detail and any overall feedback is taken on board.

At Benjamin Stevens, we pride ourselves in allowing for a smooth sale and overall better experience during what can be a very stressful times for a lot of people.
Please feel free to give us a call on 01582 485531 for some free property advice or a market appraisal.

Find your way home with Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents.