Top Tips To Consider If You Still Haven’t Found The Right Property

Are you looking for you next dream property?

Have you yet to find anything that ticks all your boxes?

If the answer is yes to both these questions then at Benjamin Stevens, we have some great tips and advice that could broaden your search and help you find what you’re looking for more quickly.

Be clear on what you are looking for:
Make sure you are very clear in your mind what it is your looking for. Is it definitely a flat or would you consider a small house or maisonette? Do you want to upsize, downsize or, if you’re looking for an investment property, how do you want it to work for you in the long term?

What are your priorities in your search? Transport links? Good schools? Outdoor space? These are all deciding factors that can help an agent know what you are looking for.

Make sure you communicate all of the above to any agents you sign up with. If an agent knows exactly what it is you’re looking for then firstly, they can refine their searches and hopefully find properties that have all your requirements, but most importantly, they won’t waste your time sending you details of properties you won’t be interested in.

Feedback to agent:
After you’ve been to a viewing you should always let the agent know what you thought of it, even if it’s negative. This will help them further understand what you’re looking for.

Widen your search:
Most people have a set idea of what area they want to move to. However, if you’re having difficulties finding a property in your chosen postcodes, don’t be afraid to widen your search to just outside of these areas. Often you find you get more for your money if you’re willing to go a bit further out.

Be open to look for a smaller property:
Again, people often have set ideas on the size of the property they want to purchase. Don’t be fearful of thinking outside of your current choice box. You can often get more for your money by looking at a small property that has the potential to extend. That way you are really putting your own mark on your new home.

Be organised:
The best piece of advice we can give is to have everything in order ahead of making an offer. Make sure your finances and administration are in place so when you finally find your prefect property, you are able to go for it and not be beaten to it by someone else, because you’re not ready to proceed straight away.

At Benjamin Stevens, we have nearly 20 years experience in the property industry. For more help and advice if you have hit a brick wall with your property search, then get in touch with us today.

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