It’s the age old question that people ask time and time again – when is the best time to sell a property?

At Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents, we have been selling properties for our clients for nearly 20 years and our advice is always the same….. If you’ve made up your mind and you want to buy a property – DON’T WAIT!

As we have seen over the past 5 years lots of things can affect the world we live in, politics, the economy and social factors.

We’ve lived through changes in government, Brexit, fluctuating economies and even a global pandemic. Despite all these factors, people continue to buy and sell property.

Yes, property prices are increasing, but the same is true for everything at the moment. House prices are going up due to lack of stock so the issue is your basic supply and demand problem.

The more people procrastinate the more the market moves.

For first time buyers in particular, it’s very easy to stay in rental accommodation and hold out until prices fall, but once you’re on the property ladder you have far more options.

It’s much better to get started with a one or two bedroom flat that could easily increase in value and allow you greater options as you move up the ladder. Meanwhile you are paying off a mortgage rather than paying someone else’s rent!

Four factors will ensure that the property market will always stay moving:


These are the real reasons people need to move.

At Benjamin Stevens our advice is don’t hold off to see if prices rise or fall, if you have seen your dream property, then don’t wait and risk losing out on your next perfect home or investment.

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